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Unused Pharmaceutical Drop Off Program

Read about a new program that RecycleMore developed in partnership with the West County Wastewater District. This program provides a safe and preferred option to flushing unwanted or unused medication down the toilet or leaving it in the medicine cabinet.

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Christmas Trees - Real vs. Artificial

The real versus artificial Christmas tree debate replays itself year after year. But the truth is, each option has its own place on the naughty-and-nice list.

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CA State Slaps Fee on Carpet to Increase Recycling

Starting July 1, Californians will be charged an extra nickel for every square yard of carpet they buy, as part of a new state law that aims to keep carpet out of the landfill.

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Freecycling Comes to Facebook

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Got a couch, TV or set of dishes in good condition that you need to get rid of?

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How to Recycle Milk and Juice Cartons

Cartons keep your chicken broth, soy milk and orange juice fresh, but their melding of multiple materials – paper coated with plastic and aluminum – has made this product packaging traditionally difficult to recycle.

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Have a Question?

Go to our partner for more information on where to recycle household hazardous waste.

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