HHW- Residential FAQs
HHW- Residential FAQs Are there other collection facilities in the county? For information on other HHW collection facilities contact the Contra Costa County Recycling Hotline – 800-750-4096. In El Cerrito you can drop off your household batteries and car batteries at the El Cerrito Recycling Center at the end ofSchmidt Lane.  Call the El Cerrito Recycling Center at 510-215-4350 for more information.  Hi-Tec Recycling, located at 631 So. 31st St in Richmond accepts any quantity of electronic waste including copy & fax machines, appliances including stoves and refrigerators, washers and dryers, manufacturing machinery and other large industrial equipment.   Call 800-981-9019 to learn about the pick-up service. Many auto parts stores accept used motor and car batteries for recycling.  Call the store nearest you to ask what and when they accept materials.
HHW- Residential FAQs How can I produce less hazardous waste? Try these tips for a less-toxic household! Buy only the amount of paint and cleaners you need. Use up materials for the purpose they were intended. Buy latex paint instead of oil based paint. It is easier to cleanup and easier to recycle. Buy non-toxic or the least toxic product that will do the job. Read the label! Avoid products that are marked "dangerous" since they are usually the most toxic.
HHW- Residential FAQs What about hazardous waste generated by my small business? Businesses that generate less than 27 gallons of hazardous waste per month can participate in the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator Program.  Fees for disposal of business reflect our costs to dispose of these materials.  The program is by appointment only.  For more information call 888-412-9277.
HHW- Residential FAQs What is the "reuse area" at the HHW facility? This area has FREE materials that have been dropped off by other facility visitors that are in good condition and can still be used, including: Free recycled paint in five gallon buckets Household cleaners Pesticides & Fertilizers Stains Automotive Supplies Pet Supplies Also pick up additional information on less toxic cleaners and how to buy paint and not end up with gallons of leftovers. Check it out!
HHW FAQs for Business
HHW FAQs for Business What is the SQG Collection Program? California State and Federal law requires all business and industries that generate, store or accumulate hazardous waste to comply with regulations for proper treatment, storage and disposal of these wastes. Generators of small quantities of hazardous waste may be conditionally exempt from many of these regulations if they ensure delivery of the waste to permitted hazardous waste management facilities or to temporary collection facilities. The West County Household Hazardous Waste Facility includes collection services for Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators.  
HHW FAQs for Business Who qualifies for the SQG? You qualify as an SQG if you generate per month: ¥ Less than 220 pounds of most hazardous waste (i.e. paints, solvents, photographic chemicals). This is approximately equal to 27 gallons of liquid with a comparable weight to water. ¥ Less than 2.2 pounds of acutely hazardous waste. This is approximately equal to one quart of liquid with a comparable weight to water. ¥ Less than 110 pounds of perchloroethylene.This is approximately equal to 13 gallons of liquid with a comparable weight of water. These guidelines are set out in the Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR 265.201 and the California Code of Regulations Title 22, section 66260.10. An SQG collection program cannot accept more than 220 pounds of waste per generator per month.  
HHW FAQs for Business What information should I have when I call? A clear, complete description of your hazardous waste is necessary to determine whether the waste can be accepted into the Small Quantity Generator Program. Explosive (or potentially explosive), infectious, radioactive, are not acceptable in any case. A complete inventory of the hazardous waste you wish to dispose of will be required at the time you pre-register in order to price your waste. Hazardous waste brought to the program must be described by at least the following: + Name, address and phone number of your company. + Figures for how much waste is generated per month and per year.  + Chemical name or trade name of the waste. + Percentages of chemical constituents in the waste. + Process generating waste and possible contaminants + Size, type and number of containers to be brought in. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are often your best source of information regarding the potentially hazardous products you use. An MSDS will list the hazardous constituents of each product and are available from product suppliers. If you have an MSDS for the hazardous product or waste you want to dispose of, have it handy when you call in to pre-register and bring a copy with you when you drop off your waste. If you do not have an MSDS for your hazardous product or waste, describe the waste's characteristics, uses, and origin to the SQG coordinator and mark this information on the product container. If the waste is still in its original container, keep it there because information on the container is likely to help with the waste description. If the waste is not in its original container, label the container clearly with the chemical contents or bring the original container along with you. Unknown wastes cannot be accepted under this program, but may be resubmitted once a satisfactory description or laboratory analysis is available.  
HHW FAQs for Business What if I have too much waste to qualify for the SQG Program? If you generate per month more than the amounts of waste listed above, you are considered a regulated generator. You may not participate in this Small Quantity Generator Program. For information on how to get rid of your hazardous waste, call a local hazardous waste management company, or the State Department of Toxic Substance Control at (916) 255-3545.  
HHW FAQs for Business Do I need a state generator identification number? In the state of California, every business which generates any amount of hazardous waste is required to have a Generator Identification Number. This can be obtained by contacting the State Department of Toxic Substance Control at 1-800-618-6942. You should have a generator number and provide it to the SQG Coordinator before bringing your waste to the collection site.  
HHW FAQs for Business What paperwork do I need to fill out? When you arrive on your designated drop-off day and time, you, as a company representative, will be asked to sign a completed Check-in Receipt and Certification Statement. This is used to verify that all of the information on the completed form is accurate to the best of the representative's knowledge, and to verify that the representative and the company understand and meet the regulatory requirements for qualification as a Small Quantity Generator. The check-in attendant will complete the waste description portion of the Check-in Receipt. A copy of this form will be returned to you as certification of proper waste disposal and cash receipt.  
HHW FAQs for Business Where can I learn more? Much of the information referenced in this summary is taken from the California Code of Regulations and the Federal Code of Regulations. We encourage you to acquire these regulations and other educational material from the California State Department of Toxic Substance Control at (916) 255-3545.  
Schools FAQs
Schools FAQs What do I have to do on my end? Schedule your field trip AT LEAST  four (4) weeks ahead of time so your school's adminstration office can process field trip requests and insurance. Workshops and other RM events usually require two weeks lead time for scheduling. Remember most RecycleMore programs REQUIRE parent volunteers to be in attendance. Please see our Fall 2011 Programs page for details. Please review our "Requirements for field trips" page that includes many great videos and learning tools to help your event go smoothly.
Schools FAQs How many FREE services can I sign up for as a teacher? Each school is allowed two services per semester per year. Each teacher may sign up for one service per year.  If you think you have a special case, contact us via this webform.
Schools FAQs How can I sign up for school program offered by RecycleMore? Contact our Recycling Coordinator to schedule a classroom presentation or field trip by calling (510)215-3120 or 215-3126 or by email.
Commercial Where can I get more information about garbage services? More garbage services information can be found at the Richmond Sanitary Service website. 
Residential Where can I get more information about garbage services? More garbage services information can be found at the Richmond Sanitary Service website.