On-Call Clean-up for Solid Waste (and all Green Yard Waste)—NO EXTRA COST

Each calendar year, residential customers are entitled to two (2) oncall cleanup collections without additional charge. Oncall Cleanups can be used either for trash or all green yard wastes (mixed set-outs must be collected and disposed of as solid wastes). Please contact us or call our customer service office at (510) 262-7100 at least one week in advance to schedule your collection day. Trash cleanup collections will be made on the customer’s regular collection day; all green yard waste cleanup pickups will be made on the regular green cart collection day. Up to two cubic yards (12-15 bags) will be picked up on each clean-up collection. Containers will not be returned—all items must be bagged. Bags should be no larger than 35-gallons, weigh no more than 30 pounds and be strong enough to hold the materials without breaking.

For green yard waste only clean-ups, materials must be placed in compostable bags of 30-35 gallons, or less. Compostable bags can be purchased at some Bay Area retail outlets, and via the internet. They can also be purchased from Richmond Sanitary Service either at our office or by mail order (postage and applicable fees will apply). Please call (510) 262-7100 for more information. Please note: These environmentally friendly bags are highly light and moisture sensitive, so they should be stored in a cool dry place and should not be set out for collection earlier than the evening before your scheduled pick up day. Materials in plastic bags or mixed set-out piles will be collected and disposed of as garbage and are subject to additional disposal charges

Mini-can Service
For single occupant households, or those that generate smaller quantities of waste, 20-gallon “mini-can” service is available. Call (510) 262-7100 for more information.

Please Richmond Sanitary Service at least one week in advance to schedule an on call cleanup. Extra charges apply for same week collection. You also may call our customer service office at (510) 262-7100 to schedule.

Visit Richmond Sanitary Services' website for more info.

The prior information applies to RecycleMore member agencies ONLY:
Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Hercules, Pinole, El Sobrante, and Unincorporated West Contra Costa County.

DOES NOT APPLY: Crockett-Tormey-Port Costa OR Rodeo. If you live in these communities click here to find out your services provided.