Commercial Organics and Food Scrap Recycling

New Commercial Organics Program
An Innovative new program to Cut Waste and Generate Compost!
Republic Services began offering a NEW Commercial Organics program to compost food
scraps, etc.  This innovative program will divert food scraps and other organic
materials from landfill disposal and turn it into compost. This program is FREE with garbage service!
In addition to special containers (sizes vary) for storage of materials, Republic Services will provide signs and posters to help remind staff how to participate in the food scraps and composting program. A collection schedule will be established with the program collector, Republic Services. Republic is able to make multiple collections per week and prevent creating a nuisance. 
Additional savings can be realized by diverting all or as much organics from garbage disposal as possible. This is because businesses pay for garbage disposal that includes organics service. By removing food scraps from your garbage, businesses are able to reduce garbage collection service that will reduce their costs!
Contact a Recycling Coordinator to discuss how we can help optimize your organics and recyclables diversion potential. Please, or call our Customer Service Representatives at (510) 262-7100 to increase recycling and composting services.

To find out more about residential foodscrap and organics collection click here.

If your business is located in El Cerrito, please visit the East Bay Sanitary Company for more information on commercial services available.