Discount Worm Composting Bins - WEST COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY

Many hardware and gardening equipment  retailers offer compost bins and composting supplies either at their brick and mortar store or online shopping site.  There are many types of home composters to choose from, some are very basic and others are more sophisticated; some people choose to construct their own back yard composter. Visit this webpage from for some DIY ideas on making your own backyard composter and what type might best fit your needs.
For those who are interested in vermicomposting, RecycleMore, in partnership with West County Resource Recovery, Inc.(WCRR)  is currently offering the "Wriggly Ranch" worm composting bin at a reduced price (while supplies last) at The West County Resource Recovery.  There are no other types of compost bins being offered by RecycleMore and WCRR at this time.
Location to purchase discounted worm composting bins:

West County Resource Recovery(WCRR)
101 Pittsburg Avenue
Richmond, CA 
(510) 231-4200

 We highly recommend calling ahead for current pricing and availabilty, please call (510) 231-4200.

PLEASE NOTE:  Discounted compost bins are available to West County residents served by RecycleMore ONLY. This includes residents of El Cerrito, Hercules, Pinole, Richmond, San Pablo, and the unincorporated County areas within.(Residents of Crockett, Rodeo, Kensington, Port Costa residents are uneligible for the discount.)

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