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Update on CALGreen Building Code

On July 1, 2012, the newly updated California Green Building standard code (Title 24–Part 11—CALGreen) became effective.  CALGreen applies to new buildings for residential and commercial projects. In addition, commercial projects over $500,000 permit valuation or 2,000 square feet alteration also need to meet the 50% diversion requirement (Section 5.7).  Typical buildings covered in this code are: state-owned, low-rise residential (up to 3 stories), commercial, public elementary & secondary schools, hospitals and community colleges. Click here for more information about CALGreen.

Recyclemore has updated the Introductory Guide to the Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan for the CALGreen Building Code to help contractors /owners/builders understand the requirements of Sections 4.408 & 5.408.1 –5.408.4 which refers to the requirement for a Construction Waste Management Plan (CWMP) and to the mandatory 50% diversion for Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris. More information can be obtained from your city’s building and planning department.

For more information on CalGreen and other State building mandates, please visit the California Building Standards Commission website. 

Construction & Demolition Waste Recovery & Disposal Facilities

RecycleMore has compiled a list of approved C&D Waste Recovery and Disposal Facilities.  Please call facilities directly for current rates and acceptable materials. View the list here.

Golden Bear Transfer Station:

The Golden Bear Transfer Station (GBTS) is located at the foot of Parr Blvd in North Richmond off the Richmond Parkway.  All waste generated in the surrounding communities is dumped on the transfer station floor and loaded into large transfer trailers and taken to the Keller Canyon Landfill in Pittsburg.  Self-hauled waste is also dumped at the GBTS for a fee.  Clean source-separated debris such as landscape materials, clean lumber or clean concrete is recycled at the nearby West Contra Costa County Sanitary Landfill Processing Facility.

Contractors who are on job sites that must (by law) have their material recycled need to let the scale house know of this requirement.  The loads will be handled differently and a tag will be issued that states the materials were recycled.

More information can be obtained by calling Golden Bear Transfer Station at 510-970-7242. 

West Contra Costa County Sanitary Landfill Processing Facility:

This facility is located at the foot of Parr Blvd in North Richmond off the Richmond Parkway.  This facility is accepting clean source-separated debris such as landscape materials, clean lumber, or clean concrete.  The materials are used on site or recycled on a separate section of the closed landfill.  Mixed load of construction debris are accepted for recycling (no wet garbage allowed).  Call (510) 970-7242 for more information.

Additional Resources:

For a listing of businesses that provide salvage services and sell recycled building materials click here.





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