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Where does the stuff in your green bin go? MOBILE HHW COLLECTION CUSTOMER NOTICE 2012.doc, MOBILE HHW COLLECTION SERVICE NOTICE 2012_0.pdf
Commercial Recycling Guide 2014 RSS Commercial Brochure
Multi-Family Recycling Guide 2014 RSS Multifamily guide 2014.pdf
Composting at Home - It's Only Natural! - ENG RM2014

Easy how to guide on composting at your home.

English Compost Brochure 2014
Composting at Home - It's Only Natural! - SPANISH Spanish Compost Brochure 2014
Curbside Recycling and Organics Guide 2014

New in 2014 - Expanded Residential Curbside Collection Service for RSS customers.

RSS Residential Recycling Brochure
Foodscrap Composting How-to brochure

Learn the ins-and-outs of foodscrap composting by using your green cart.

Food scrap brochure 2012
HHW Mobile Collection Flyer (English) 2011

Door to door  HHW collection service for seniors and disabled persons.

HHW Mobile Collection 2011
RM Commercial Recycling Guide (2011) Business Brochure 2011
HHW Mobile Collection (Spanish) 2011 HHW Mobil (Spanish)
HHW & Oil Recycling Brochure (2011) HHW& OIL brochure 2011
Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan C&D CalGreen Brochure 2012

How and where to properly dispose of unwanted medications.

Pharmceutical Guide 2012
Foodscrap Composting Green Poster

Print this poster and place it on your refrigerator to remind you of what can go into your food scrap pail.

Food Scraps Poster & Brochure 8.5 x 11
School Field Trip Waiver Form School Field Trip Waiver Form (English & Spanish)
WCC Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator Program Materials Acceptance Request Form CESQG Inventory Request Form 2011
Brower Youth Award
Students Audit Waste at Pinole Valley HS

EarthTeam's Waste Action Project empowers teens to discover ways of becoming environmental stewards of the future. Watch as Pinole Valley students audit their lunch waste.

RecycleMore IRRF Tour Video

Take an inside look at what happens at the recycling center and what students experience on one of our tours.

Recycling public message by GreenScreenTV
RecycleMory rides a bull and takes a tumble at the El Sobrante Stroll 2011

We love you Mory!!

Composting 101 by the City of Richmond

Learn how to compost at home using a kitchen food pail and your existing green cart. 


Richmond's Earth Day Compost Giveaway

Residents see the full circle of their efforts by receiving compost made from materials they put into their green cart weeks earlier.

How Recycling Works Cartoon (by RecycleBank)
A Plastic State of Mind- Music Video parody of JayZ song

This fun video was made to promote the issue of plastic pollution in support of the Washingtion DC single-use bag fee campaign.

What To Do With Your Hazardous Waste

Watch while HazMan helps a family clear their garage of household hazardous waste and leads them on an adventure through the HHW Collection Facility.

Where does the stuff in your green bin go?

Follow the process of how food waste and green waste gets turned into compost and given back to residents in Richmond, CA.

by Karina Guadalupe and Min Lee

New America Media

City of Richmond presents What Goes into the Food Scrap Pail

This video produced by the City of Richmond demonstrates to residents of Richmond, San Pablo and El Cerrito what  can go into the food scrap pails.

The Story of Stuff

It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.