Step 2. Call Your Local Service Providers

Ask for collection bins and pick-up service. They will help you to determine how often you need pick-up service and will provide small bins for every classroom, office and copy room as well as larger toters to be stored in a central area for pick-up.

What can you recycle?

• Start with white paper and mixed paper.

• Cardboard is another easy one.

• Next you can tackle bottles and cans.

• Finally, get a worm composting bin(s) and get those leftover fruit and vegetable scraps from the cafeteria as well as any yard waste from landscaping. Worms are a lot of fun and a great educational tool.

Local Service Providers


El Cerrito:

El Cerrito Recycling Center (510) 215-4350

For Hercules, Pinole, Richmond, San Pablo and Unincorporated West County:

Richmond Sanitary Service (510) 262-7100